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Dubious And Liability Under Data Protection Act 1998

1. Dubious and Liability under Data Protection Act 1998 Dubious, as a company’s new Trainee, inadvertently posted huge amount of customers’ personal information on a public website. His unauthorized access to company document, particularly the confidential information, absolutely went against the regulations in the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA 1998). As an organization that is responsible for data controlling and processing, the company should be involved in this information breach issue. The DPA 1998 provides a whole complete legal framework to safeguard the basic human right related to their personal and sensitive personal information privacy as well as place duties on those data controllers. Therefore, several substantive elements should be clarified to declare the company’s guilty as well as Dubious’. The infringement of the right to privacy that protected under the DPA 1998 will be regard as â€Å"personal data†, which could be the first need to be explored. In Section 1(1) DPA 1998, personal data is defined as data relating to a living identifiable individual. Actually it covers not only digital data but also those data stored on hard copy in filing systems including other certain relevant information. It is important to note that, as to the aspect on the ability to identify an individual, any data held could be determined personal data through partly either the data held itself or other non-critical information, such as any expression of opinion or the assessmentsShow MoreRelatedWhat Do We Know About Audit Quality?13880 Words   |  56 Pagesnumber of dimensions such as ï ¬ rm size, industry specialization, ofï ¬ ce characteristics, and cross-country differences in legal systems and auditor liability exposure. The evidence is very positive although there is some in dication that audit quality may have declined in the 1990s, in which case there could be merit in recent reforms such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 in the US. However, we do not know from research the optimal level of audit quality and therefore whether we currently have ‘too little’Read MoreProject on Risk Management46558 Words   |  187 Pagesto pursue a project duly approved by the Director of the Indian Institute of Finance. I had the privilege of undertaking a project on â€Å"Risk Management by INDUSIND BANK LTD.† My project report is divided into seven chapters and they are given as under: Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Chapter 2 Review of literature Chapter 3 Research Methodology Chapter 4 Analysis Chapter 5 Consist of Findings, Conclusion, Suggestions, Limitations Read MoreReport on Oil and Gas Industry in Pakistan81517 Words   |  327 PagesCentral Inspectorate of Mines Compressed Natural Gas Cost of Service Directorate General Gas Directorate General Oil Directorate General Petroleum Concession Dead Weight Tons Exploration and Production Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental Protection Agency Federally Administered Tribal Areas Fuel Oil Freight on Board Fauji Oil Terminal Company Former Soviet Union Gas Development Surcharge iii GoP GPA GSA GST HOBC HSD HSFO IMF IOC IPP IPP KAPCO KESC KMK KPC KPT LDO LNG LPG LSFO MCA MFMRead MoreCase Studies67624 Words   |  271 PagesCase Studies C-1 INTRODUCTION Preparing an effective case analysis C-3 CASE 1 CASE 2 CASE 3 CASE 4 CASE 5 CASE 6 CASE 7 ABB in China, 1998 C-16 Ansett Airlines and Air New Zealand: A flight to oblivion? C-31 BP–Mobil and the restructuring of the oil refining industry C-44 Compaq in crisis C-67 Gillette and the men’s wet-shaving market C-76 Incat Tasmania’s race for international success: Blue Riband strategies C-95 Kiwi Travel International Airlines Ltd C-105 CASE 8 Beefing up the beeflessRead Moreventure capital Essays16329 Words   |  66 Pageshas been the unavailability of current data, of the contributors to the Indian Venture Capital Industry (source of data being the year 1998) and no comparative analysis has been undertaken of the Venture Capital Industry in India with those of the developed nations like USA, UK due to lack of adequate data. 1.5 DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUES / TOOLS 1. Primary Data: Interview with Mr. Kiran Nadkarni, Founder of Kaati Zone. 2. Secondary Data: It includes data collected from websites of SEBI, IVCARead MoreNational Security Outline Essay40741 Words   |  163 Pagespeople from the national government -Protection of people extends to US citizens abroad as well (First US â€Å"war† - Barbary Pirates that were harassing US ships in Mediterranean) -Resources -Centers around protection of resources necessary for military capabilities -Other resources US willing to use force to protect: Oil (note actions taken by US to protect oil), worldwide economic access -Ideals -Many Americans (since nation was founded) view that protection of certain fundamental values as centerRead MoreThe Hawala Extortion Method 18441 Words   |  74 Pages | Abdul calls the number, and speaks with Yasmeen. She offers him the following deal: A fee of 1 rupee for each dollar transferred; 37 rupees for a dollar; and Delivery is included. Under these terms, Abdul can send Mohammad Rs 180,000. He decides to do business with Yasmeen. The hawala transaction proceeds as follows: Abdul gives the $5,000 to Yasmeen; Yasmeen contacts Ghulam in Karachi, and gives him the details; Ghulam arrangesRead MoreBhopal Gas Disaster84210 Words   |  337 Pagesfor $470 million - a total of only $370 to $533 per victim - a sum too small to pay for most medical bills. In 1996, t elve years after the disaster, Union Carbide became part of the Dow Chemical w Corporation, which flatly refused to assume any liabilities in India - or clean up the toxic poisons left behind saying that it was the responsibility of the Madhya Pradesh state government which had taken over the site. Today twenty five years since that fateful night, lakhs of people still living in theRead MoreThe Growing Problem of White Collar Crimes in India19963 Words   |  80 Pagescollar crimes committed by persons of respectability such as businessman, industrialist’s contractors and suppliers as also the corrupt public officials. The white collar criminality in the form of violation of foreign exchange rules export act and import Act and the frequent tax violation in the evasion of income tax, wea lth tax etc. Such practice is causing a tremendous loss to state exchequer. Introduction The last few years have seen some major scams and corporate collapses across theRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pagesreserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, except as permitted under Sections 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act, without either the prior written permission of the Publisher, or authorization through payment of the appropriate per-copy fee to the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, website www

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