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The Battle of Coral Sea Essay - 1035 Words

The Battle of Coral Sea was the first major sea battle between allied fleet forces, including those of the United States and Australian Navies, and the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II. Pivotal in terms of allied naval fleet operations during the war, the Battle of Coral Sea was also the first naval battle that featured opposing air craft carriers in close proximity to each other, resulting in air battles initiated by sea, rather than from traditional land bases. The following provides relevant details. The plan calling for expansion of Japanese forces throughout the Pacific theater was developed by the IJN and Japanese Army. As detailed by Stille, â€Å"This called for a series of sequenced operations designed to bring key†¦show more content†¦This had the effect of reducing the contingent of allied aircraft carriers in the Pacific by half. Hence, when the Japanese launched their next offensive in the Southern Pacific, the IJN fleet would now be augmented w ith carrier support, while U.S Naval forces suffered from a reduction in the same support vital to their mission of defending a major Japanese offensive (Stille 8). Prior to the upcoming Coral Sea battle, a number of Japanese military messages had been intercepted by the U.S. Navy signals intelligence unit. The first, dated March 28, 1942, was encoded as stating â€Å"The objective of MO will be first to restrict the enemy fleet movements and will be accomplished by means of attacks on the north coast of Australia.† (â€Å"Battle of the Coral Sea†) Subsequent messages were intercepted that provided allied forces with updated details concerning IJN fleet progress, as well as elements of IJN plans that included battleship and carrier logistics. This resulted in the U.S. Navy’s deployment of a cotillion of numerous warships and support craft, and also the carriers Lexington and Yorktown (â€Å"Battle of the Coral Seas†). In the upcoming battle, these ships w ould do battle against a superior IJN force comprised of far more battleships, submarines and support craft, as well as aircraft carriers. While the events leading up to the battle have beenShow MoreRelatedThe Battle of Coral Sea1033 Words   |  5 Pages Battle of Coral Sea War has always been a negative social issue among the citizens of America. Some believe we should be involved in everything so we can to show our dominance around the world and others see it as a big problem. War World Two is a different story. After we realized that Hitler was close to succeeding in his plan of imperialism most people were on board to going to war. The Battle of the Coral Sea was fought in May 1942. This was a major naval battle that took place in the CoralRead MoreThe Battle of Coral Sea1251 Words   |  6 Pages May 7-8, 1942, an important battle happen, that is the Battle of Coral Sea. The Battle was fought by air planes on both sides, There was no ship involved at all. The Japanese wanted to capture New Guinea and leave Australia out. The Coral Sea actions happen from a Japanese operation, they wanted to capture Port Moresby, on New Guineas southern-eastern coast. Japanese air base threaten Australia and supported plans for future expansion, trying to help Australia get out of the war and exchange theRead MoreThe Battle Of The Coral Sea1555 Words   |  7 PagesThe Battle of the Coral Sea has been addressed by several interviews from people who have participated in the Battle of the Coral Sea. This battle included aircraft carriers that engaged each other with the advantage of aviation assets. These aircraft carriers did not have the technology to see each other, so they relied significantly on the use of aviation assets. These aviation assets acted as artillery reconnaissance for the ships to engage the Japanese. This four day battle starting on fourRead MoreThe Battle of the Coral Sea Essay examples2143 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction In the spring of 1942 the U.S. Navy and Japanese Imperial Fleet engaged in battle at sea on more than one occasion. The Battle of Coral Sea, however, was the first time that these too forces would engage one another at sea using only aircraft. This will be the first battle in history where ships from both sides would never see the other like most conventional naval battles; this one will be fought entirely by aircraft. History In the morning hours of December 7, 1941 the JapaneseRead MoreTheu.s. Navy And Naval Aviation1507 Words   |  7 Pagesaviation, the U.S. was able to turn the tide of the War in the Pacific in major battles like the Battle of Coral Sea and the Battle of Midway. U.S. Naval Aviation played a vital role in moving the Americans to the offensive and changed the way navies around the world would fight, placing aircraft carriers as their capital ships than battleships. Naval Aviation was seen as important from this point on because after the Battle of Midway Naval Aviation was used as the Navy’s main offshore aerial strikeRead MoreThe Battle Of The World War1455 Words   |  6 Pagesauthor and military historian Antony Beevor, â€Å"The Second World War was such a huge combination of different conflicts that it’s almost impossible to point to a single battle as a turning point† During the war some turning points for the Allies were; The Fall of Singapore, The Bombing of Darwin, The Battle of the Coral Sea, The Battle of Midway and The Kokoda Campaign. The United States Forces also played a big role in the war in The Pacific Theatre and the turning points for The Australian ForcesRead MoreThe Attack Of Pearl Harbor1154 Words   |  5 Pages soil. This date sealed our level of commitment to World War II. The U.S. involvement in the Pacific Theater of World War II took place in East Asia and South Asia. It also included the Western part of the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the Coral Sea. Several islands were included such as Okinawa, Iwo Jima, and Wake Island. On April 18, 1942, aboard the deck of the aircraft carriers USS Hornet, sixteen B-25 bombers took flight to travel 2,400 nautical miles to their destination, knowingRead MoreMarine Amphibious Warfare During World War II1184 Words   |  5 Pagestowards the human race. Guadalcanal is a perfect example of the fortitude American forces will endure to the end. Guadalcanal was America’s class room in realizing the Japanese tenacity to win a losing war. It was the preparation of the bloodiest battle ever fought for ground forces for a piece of real-estate, Okinawa Japan. However, before Okinawa, even before the Guadalcanal invasion by American Marines, a full rehearsal conducted by the Navy and Marine Corps was conducted on the islands of KoroRead MoreThe Battle of Midway956 Words   |  4 Pages The Battle of Midway The United States faced the Japanese in the Pacific Ocean during World War II in what was later known as some of the most gruesome battles in either country’s history. The Pacific theatre of World War II consisted of a series of bloody conflicts in which the United States responded to early Japanese victories with an offensive campaign that won a decisive victory for the Allies. Although many significant battles were fought in the Pacific, the most important battle was theRead MoreBattle Of Midway During World War II1168 Words   |  5 PagesBattle of Midway The Battle of Midway was a very important battle in the Second World War because it basically shaped out the war for the Allied Powers, as well as for the Axis Powers. This battle also happens to be one of the most important naval battle of the time. The Battle of Midway was a very important battle in the Pacific Ocean during World War II. The battle was between The United States of America and the Empire of Japan. This would be the second battle that would feature of the United

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